Climate Change

Hackney Energy Harvest Introduction

Hackney City Farm wants to protect the natural environment. We provide learning on animals plants and farming and explore what is important to sustaining the balance of nature.

Pollution means our climate has changed, affecting environments around the globe. Floods, melting glaciers, fires and rising temperatures threaten the land, crop growth, animal and human lives. Our environment is wounded.

The farm has a range of initiatives – solar panels, bicycle cinema, bio fuel, recycling and composting. This year we have built a big renewable power sculpture and this webpage – Energy Harvest, thanks to players of Postcode Lottery, to get us all thinking about and using energy more wisely.

Useful Links

Switching to a renewable electricity supplier is easier than you think and takes approx two minutes. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit which gives details of four 100% renewable electricity suppliers
  • See which supplier you like the look of, enter some details (address, whether you need both gas and electricity or just electricity, your last meter reading if you have it)
  • Your new supplier will contact your existing supplier and confirm the date when you will switchover to them
  • Once you’ve switched you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be reducing your carbon emissions by up to 50%
  • All of the companies on also offer a percentage of green gas. Green gas is produced mainly via a process of anaerobic digestion (eg food waste) or thermal gasification of the UK’s biodegradeable waste.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This article has some great ideas.

This site will tell you the best and worst times for using energy. Help limit pollution which is due to pressure on our National Grid!

The Energy Saving Trust has some great useful tips also – see

To access funding for similar projects and more go to

Postcode Local Trust is a grant giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. To find out more and apply for funding go to To find out how to play and support more charities, go to

Wider Brief

Hackney City Farm has been at the forefront of environmental awareness and protection since it first opened in 1984. In fact, you could say we’ve bleating about it for over 30 years!!

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Setting Up

With support from Postcode Lottery, Hackney City Farm and Fire the Inventor, local people are invited to explore renewable energy

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Spinning Chopsticks Workshops

Led by Steven from fire the Inventor, and using a cardboard box, cogs and a pair of chopsticks, everyone makes a moving toy!

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Day 1

Architecture students from University of East London with architect/tutor Sarah Bland collaborate with Stephen from Fire the Inventor and Farm team.

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Day 2

How will the Sculpture look effective – and get people thinking about renewable energy?

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Day 3

Sculpture form is agreed- it will be sturdy enough to last outdoors and create power from the wind!

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Day 4

Final assembly of bike frames comes together. We launch the big sculpture – hooray!

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Energy Saving Tips

Which renewable energy could this sculpture use well at the farm? What could save you money at home?

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Outcomes & PR

A glimpse of what was made and given for Hackney City Farm and Energy Harvest – reminding us all to value and protect our environment.

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