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    As a city farm in London, we are dedicated to helping people learn about food, nature and the environment. Our unique setting inspires children and adults to participate in our courses, workshops and lessons and leave with new knowledge, friendships and inspiration.

    We receive about 3 school visits a week – school groups, like everyone else can visit for free! We offer specific workshops designed to take learning a step further, such as Growing Food, Habitats – Mini-beasts and Chicken and Egg.

    We are also home to a unique school for up to ten young people (age 13-17) who require a tailor-made approach to their education. Our curriculum is based around basic skills, practical and vocational learning, PHSE and one to one or group mentoring.

    School visits

    You an bring your class for a simple walk around the farm, or take part in one of our tailored workshops.

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    The School at Hackney City Farm

    Up to 10 young people (age 13-17) attend our alternative education provision. Our curriculum is based on English, Maths, ICT, PHSE, a varied programme of vocational education and individual mentoring.

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    Mini farmer’s club

    Every Saturday local youngsters help manage the farmyard and animals as they learn about farming through tasks such as mucking out and grooming.

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    Arts & Crafts for Groups

    If you would like to book your own art and craft activities for parties or for groups then contact Cat, by following the link below

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