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    Food Smoking

    This food smoking course will introduce you to an age-old method of preserving food – no electricity required. It also gives food a wonderful flavour.

    Food Smoking with the Low Impact Living Initiative from kathayes on Vimeo.

    Your tutor, Turan has been smoking his own food for many years and is known locally for his wonderful smoked salmon. This course is for everyone who is interested in food smoking, including farmers and smallholders, who wish to add value to their produce, hunters and fishermen who want to learn new methods of making use of seasonal catches, as well as chefs and hobbyists who are interested in creating different tastes with traditional and new methods of food smoking.

    The aim of the course is to provide an overall introduction to food smoking. This includes a short history of smoking methods, the selection of foods and equipment and some basic considerations about food hygiene. We also talk about vacuum sealing food with tips. At the end of the session, participants will be able to recognise at least three types of food smoker, as well as select, prepare and smoke three types of food.

    The course will be held indoors and outdoors, with hands-on exercises in food preparation and smoking. For the purpose of the course we will smoke fish, cheese and eggs which will be provided. You are invited to sample the smoked produce or take it home after the session.

    On the course you will also be involved in building a cold smoker.

    The course is aimed at adults but mature children who are interested are welcome. Please wear practical outdoor clothes (after the course you may well smell of wood smoke).

    Book here: www.coldsmoking.co.uk