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    Away days and corporate volunteering

    Teambuilding and corporate volunteering.

    The unique setting of the farm is ideal for bringing out the cooperative (or competitive) spirit in teams as they carry out duties that are far away from their daily activities. At the same time organisations can provide useful help to the farm and community either with the routine tasks of the farmyard or contributing to individual projects.

    Work can include planting, building fences, spreading woodchip, mucking out Larry the donkey. We also offer specific activities designed to improve teamwork, awareness, and thinking in systems.

    Working on Hackney City Farm and contributing to this project helps build the profile of an organisation locally as well as encouraging employees to build relationships and interact with each-other in a non-work setting. The benefits of a day of farm work are increased motivation, improved group work as well as a sense of working for an organisation that is engaging in improving the world in which it operates.

    We can organise one-off sessions or build a relationship with your company to develop an employee volunteering programme.