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    Team building

    Team building and corporate volunteering

    Undertaking a Team Challenge at Hackney City Farm involves a group of employee volunteers completing a series of volunteering tasks at the farm on behalf of their company. The challenges take the place of a normal working day and are generally hands on practical tasks.

    After completing a team challenge at Hackney City Farm your employees will go away with a sense of achievement and most importantly of all will have had a really enjoyable day!

    The role of the Team Leader

    To enable the team challenge to run smoothly on the day, Hackney City Farm encourages one of the team members to nominate themselves as Team Leader to oversee the planning and preparation of the challenge, act as point of reference between the team and the farm and co-ordinate their colleagues on the day of the challenge.

    If you would like to have more information about the team challenges contact:

    Dee, corporate volunteer co-ordinator on 020 7729 6381 or farm@hackneycityfarm.co.uk

    Corporate Volunteering

    Employees from big and small organisations have enjoyed taking a break from their meeting rooms and computer screens to get outdoors and contribute to the community. Working together they make an important contribution to projects.

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    Team Building

    Some of the tasks our corporate volunteers have undertaken in the past include pond-building, painting, constructing compost heaps and tree planting. We may not always be able to provide a self contained job such as these so your volunteer day may consist of mucking out!As well as raising your company profile within the local community, these tasks can help to build relationships within teams, boost morale, and provide an opportunity for employees to interact with each other in a non-work setting. This in turn can have a beneficial effect on productivity as employees return to work feeling motivated and inspired.

    We can also design specific team-building activities for your group, with a focus on developing communication, team learning and systems thinking.

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