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    Larry has lived at Hackney City Farm for over ten years. He is 18 years old and is one of the farm’s best loved characters, he is also our leading TV star having been featured on the BBC, ITV and Google. Every year he takes part in the nativity parades at Westminster Cathedral as well as being called upon to take part in a hectic Easter schedule where he visits four churches in one day – beginning at Trafalgar Square and ending in Camden Town!

    Donkeys are herd animals and Larry was beginning to get lonely so we found him a friend in November 2011 with the help of Bethnal Green Technology College who fund raised for her. Her name is Clover she is 12 years old, she pulls a little cart, bosses Larry around and has taken part in Easter activities local to Hackney. We are currently training Clover to do Donkey rides with her little trap and she can sometimes be seen taking our hard working volunteers for a ride in the park.

    Their main diet is hay and as Donkey’s are originally desert animals they are very good at processing all the best bits from the food, so they don’t need a huge amount. Our donkeys are on a special diet, as they were getting too many treats from the public, so please don’t be tempted to feed them as it might make them sick.

    Did You Know?

    Donkeys have a very tough digestive system that can break down almost inedible vegetation and at the same time extract and save as much moisture as possible.

    Donkey’s can hear another Donkey braying up to 30 miles away!

    Donkey’s are very loyal and can live between 40-50 years of age.