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    We have two Tamworth Pigs, born in 2008 at Mudchute City Farm. Tamworth’s are Britain’s only red coloured breed of pig, but are one of the oldest breeds native to these isles. Most of the other pig breeds that we have in Britain today come from breeding with Oriental pigs,  and so now the Tamworth is the closest relative to the old British forest pig, descended from the wild boar native in Europe.

    Tamworths are a hardy breed and can survive in cold climates, they like forest grazing and can survive on plants that other pigs cannot digest.

    Tamworths are mainly kept for bacon as they can get heavy body mass without too much fat.

    A female pig is called a sow, a male pig is called a boar and a baby pig is called a piglet.


    Pepper and Pearl are six years old. Both are female. They love to play in the paddock and can be seen covered in mud in the summer months because it helps keep them cool and acts like sunblock, not because they are dirty animals – in fact pigs tend to keep their beds very clean.

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