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    Energy Harvest

    14 volunteers and bystanders gathered to lift the recycled bikes sculpture on Saturday 14th April. The Energy Harvest project, supported by the players of Postcode Lottery gets people to think about renewable energy through these quirky sculptures.

    We made small and giant sculptures in October 2017, and then talked to people about where to site the sculptures, aiming to inspire discussion and action around using renewable power.

    The Farm Woodland, bordering Haggerston Park is on raised ground and picks up some wind. Park visitors and local users pass by the Woodland, making it the perfect place to  site the bright bold sculpture in action. The rotating vane powers a small dynamo – lighting the fairy lights entwined in recycled bike parts.

    You can see the smaller recycled bike sculpture catching the breeze, rotating and lighting up high on a container in Hackney City Farm field (near corner of Haggerston Park and Hackney Road).

    Teamwork, as shown in photos here, was key to lifting and re-siting both giant and small sculptures- a big THANKS to all our fantastic volunteers, in particular the valued brains and brawn of UEL architecture students!

    And if you’re passing by the Woodland through Haggerston Park, pick up a flyer there and find out more on our project page: