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    Hackney City Farm Honey is on sale!

    The honey from the hardworking bees at Hackney City Farm is now on sale!

    You can buy it at the Farm Shop or Get Loose, if they aren’t open feel free to drop by the Farm office. This year we have an early Spring harvest and a later Summer harvest which taste slightly different and could have different properties for those who use honey as a hay-fever remedy. Please ask for details.

    We only harvest a small amount of surplus honey each year so that the bees have enough for themselves to get through the winter. The price is as low as we can go. We therefore set a limit of 2 jars per customer.

    If the price is a real problem please talk to us. Equally, if you can afford to contribute more to the upkeep of the hives please feel free to donate.

    Come and enjoy the sweet harvest

    You can find out more about the Farm apiary and beekeeping courses we run here.