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    Health & safety

    The farm environment can be full of bugs, but not much more so than your local park. The risks can be minimised by washing your hands thoroughly before putting your hands anywhere near your mouth. As an extra precaution, we provide anti-bacterial soap and disposable hand towels at our handwashing points just outside the farm yard, garden and cafe. The Farm staff are trained in First Aid and a First Aid Point is located in the Farm Office.

    We want you to enjoy the farm so do take note of the following:

    Cover all cuts and grazes before visiting the farm

    Be aware that children who suffer from asthma/hayfever may experience difficulties in the dusty farm environment

    Be aware that pregnant women should not come into contact with sheep at lambing time, due the risk of Toxoplasmosis

    For the most current guidelines on health and safety on a farm please follow the link below