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    Schools and colleges

    Booking ahead

    If you are a school or group planning to visit the farm, please remember to book in advance, even if you are doing your own activities. We have a maximum number of 30 children that we can safely accommodate at any one time, and if we get schools or large groups who turn up and are not booked in we may have to turn you away, so please email and book to avoid disappointment.

    What type of visit

    Entrance for schools is FREE if you are doing your own activities. Your visit to the farm can simply be a walk around by yourselves, you could devise your own worksheets, or you could take advantage of one of the workshops that we offer. Our workshops are based around farming and the environmental and cost £100.

    How to book

    The easiest way to book a visit is to email education@hackneycityfarm.co.uk. Please include:

    • the date of your visit,
    • whether you want to come in the morning or afternoon,
    • the number of children attending, and
    • which workshop you are interested in, or if you want to do your own tour.

    We have a maximum capacity of 30 pupils on the Farm at any one time. Groups larger than 30 visit the Farm by splitting in two, with one group spending time in Haggerston Park whilst the others are on the Farm.

    Lunch bookings

    We have very limited indoor space at the farm and if you require a room for lunch you will need to book this in advance, and it may not always be available as we have many people using the classroom here at the farm.

    We do have a lovely garden area, ideal for a picnic, if the weather is good, but there are not many picnic tables so you might want to bring a rug. There is also a picnic area in the adjacent Haggerston Park, next to the pond, which you might prefer to use.

    Risk Assessment

    If you would like to do your own risk assessment then feel free to come down to the farm before the visit and look around to assess the risk, alternatively, you can download our school-risk-assessment. The government have produced their own health and safety leaflet for group visits to farms, this can be downloaded at the following link:


    We hope you have a lovely visit!