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    Animal – One to One Handling Sessions

    Since 1984 we have been supporting people to learn and grow by caring for animals. Through working with animals, we have supported young people excluded from school to become well-rounded adults and socially isolated volunteers to feel confident and able to get back into work. We are passionate about giving everyone the chance to get the therapeutic benefit of grooming and feeding the animals. We aim to build people’s resilience through new experiences and the sheer joy of being with healthy animals.

    Animal Handling

    We offer extensive animal handling workshops with our expert Animal Worker where you get hands-on experience in caring for a range of animals. To find out more visit the Workshops page.

    Grooming Sessions

    We offer one to one intimate grooming sessions with with Clover the donkey, Hazel the pony or one of our Anglo-Nubian goats. Families and small group bookings can also be arranged.

    You will take part in a calm session where you will have close personal contact with your animal, carrying out grooming, handling and feeding as well as our approach to animal husbandry at Hackney City Farm.

    To book a session or ask any questions please send an e-mail to cj@hackneycityfarm.co.uk, or drop by the farm for a chat.

    Cost: £50.00 per person for one hour. Family and small group bookings can be arranged, for a quote for a group booking contact CJ cj@hackneycityfarm.co.uk.


    Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays- Bookings taken from 12pm-2pm

    Saturdays and Sundays- Bookings taken from 11am-2.30pm

    What to bring: Please wear old clothes. We will supply you with a pair of Wellies.