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    We have several hives hidden away in a safe place for bees and visitors. The Farm bees are very busy in the nearby gardens and in local parks, where they pollinate a wide variety of trees and plants.

    Join Hackney City Farm’s beekeeper on one of our beekeeping workshops to learn about this ancient craft and how to make it work for us and the bees in a busy city and a changing climate.


    2019 Summer and Autumn Workshops

    The workshops are designed to deepen your enthusiasm and understanding of these amazing creatures. There is no prior experience necessary for any of them. If you are thinking of getting your own hive, we recommend doing at least 2 of the workshops before embarking on your own journey as a beekeeper. There is a 10% discount on the second workshop you attend. If you are on a low-income or receive financial support, please drop by the Farm office as we have some low-cost spaces on most workshops.

    To book onto a workshop go to the eventrbrite page. Gift Vouchers are available if you contact ken@hackneycityfarm.co.uk.


    There are no workshops planned till 2020. Keep an eye on the website for the dates.


    All the workshops are with the Farm’s beekeeper and will cover the topics described below. There are many different approaches to keeping bees so questions and discussions in the workshop are welcomed.

    Bees and Herbs – whole day

    Join us for a session with with Hackney Herbal on beekeeping and herbs where we will look at how bees need herbs, herbs need bees and we need both. You will learn how bees produce everything from honey to propolis and how to harness the skin-nurturing properties of herbs, beeswax and honey. We will talk about how bees work together, using herbs to manage their own health, and work with you to turn herbs, beeswax and honey into natural cosmetics. Take home what you make, all materials included.

    We can’t guarantee a sunny day, but if it is warm and dry we will also visit the apiary and look inside the hives.

    Introduction to beekeeping – 2 ½ hours

    If you are thinking of getting your first hive or just interested in learning what it really takes to produce honey, this workshop is a run through the essentials. We will look at how the bees make honey, the practicalities of keeping bees and the various bee products we can harvest from wax to propolis and, of course, honey with the chance to taste some very different samples.

    Beekeeping for beginners – 4 ½ hours

    This workshop will cover the basics for setting up your own hives at home. We will look at how to get your apiary established including finding the right spot, the equipment and sourcing bees. Learn about the bee’s biology and their behaviour so that you can read what is happening in the hive and keep your bees happy and healthy. We will consider different approaches to keeping bees and take a peek through the window of the Farm’s observation hive.

    Your first hive – Whole day

    Take an in depth look at the beekeeping season and how to get your hive of bees through it. Starting in the Spring, we will look at how to organise your hive so that the bees get off to the best start after they emerge from the winter. As the colony gains strength you will need to know when to give bees space to collect honey, how to work with the colony’s natural instinct to swarm and spotting problems with pests and disease early so that your bees stay happy and healthy. Finishing with how to collect the harvest at the end of the season and preparing the hive for the colder months.

    Throughout the day we will cover the practicalities of beekeeping alongside facts and theories about the bee’s life-cycle and the fascinating logic of the colony. You will get to practice making frames for honeycomb and, weather permitting, we will look inside the hive or watch the bees at work in the Farm’s observation hive.

    Any questions, contact Ken@HackneyCityFarm.co.uk for more details.