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    Wider Brief for Energy Harvest 2017

    Ever since it opened in 1984 Hackney City Farm has been concerned about looking after the local and wider environment 

    People who live or work near the farm can learn about growing plants and farming. The farm wants people to help look after the environment so that animals, plants and people live better.

    We are all becomingly worried about issues such as plastic pollution (e.g. bottled water, plastic bags, and poor air quality)

    Climate change is of course a major concern. In 2017 we’ve seen flooding in Nigeria, India, the Caribbean and Houston; forest fires in Portugal; extreme heat in Australia and Arctic ice disappearing.

    People’s Postcode Lottery recently gave the Farm some money to help local people understand efficient energy use. The Farm has built a RENEWABLE energy sculpture and made this page.

    The wind, sun and water are RENEWABLE energies. They do not run out. More people now use this energy. In fact, almost 30% of your home is now powered by renewable electricity!

    But the wind does not blow every day. The sun does not shine each day. So some people say RENEWABLE energies are unreliable.

    But inventors discovered new ways to store energy. Like storing energy in batteries. Now sun or solar energy can be stored in batteries. On a cloudy day when there is no sun, solar energy stored in a battery can be used.

    Some large factories or supermarkets get money if they save energy by using less or stored energy between 4-8pm.

    Many people use energy from 4-8pm – this makes more pollution!

    If all of us used less energy from 4-8pm on weekdays it would help the environment. Can you do the clothes washing before 4pm? Can you use the dishwasher after 8pm?

    Other things we could do at home would help. Simple things like turning off some lights and putting on a jumper instead of the heater can make a big difference. And you’ll save money!

    You can have your own RENEWABLE energy. Solar panels are cheaper now and almost 800,000 homes in the UK have them installed

    Find out if your gas and electricity is RENEWABLE. You can change to RENEWABLE gas and electricity easily. It takes only 2 minutes and you’ll probably save money!

    This helps the environment. If we use RENEWABLE energy we help stop temperatures rising. Call the Energy saving Trust– 0300 123 1234 energy-advice@est.org.uk

    Please visit Hackney City Farm and the Big Renewable Power Sculpture. Help us all act to use energy wisely. Tell others what you think about RENEWABLE energy and looking after the environment.

    Useful Links

    Where to buy a simple solar powered panel that can power a small fountain or water feature : https://www.powerbee.co.uk/sunspray-360-solar-fountain.html

    Switching to a renewable electricity supplier is easier than you think and takes approx two minutes. Here’s how to do it:

    • Visit unfrack.me which gives details of four 100% renewable electricity suppliers
    • See which supplier you like the look of, enter some details (address, whether you need both gas and electricity or just electricity, your last meter reading if you have it)
    • Your new supplier will contact your existing supplier and confirm the date when you will switchover to them
    • Once you’ve switched you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be reducing your carbon emissions by up to 50%
    • All of the companies on www.unfrack.me also offer a percentage of green gas. Green gas is produced mainly via a process of anaerobic digestion (eg food waste) or thermal gasification of the UK’s biodegradeable waste.


    There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This article has some great ideas.


    This site will tell you the best and worst times for using energy. Help limit pollution which is due to pressure on our National Grid!

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