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    Outcomes and Press

    This site gives a glimpse of what was made and given for Hackney City Farm and Energy Harvest – and reminds us all to take action and protect our environment.

    Energy Harvest attracted 19 new volunteers, 93 workshop participants, 91 questionnaire respondents and this farm website has 95,000 annual hits.

    100,000 plus visitors to the farm each year mean many people will see the Big Sculpture, rotating in the wind- and find out more about Energy Harvest and renewable power in Hackney through our new fliers.

    Project participants have also switched supplier to 100% renewable energy companies during this project, with the Farm to switch in the near future.

    Special thanks to Sarah Bland Sarah Bland sarah@studiowic.com

    Michael from Green&Seen michael@greenandseen.net

    Folk from groundwork.co.uk

    And sustainable hackney.org.uk

    In the Press:

    Hackney Gazette 4th September 2017 link to story

    Hackney Today ‘Green Matters’ 23rd October download