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    Sculpture Build Day 2


    Dismantle bikes day! More volunteers join students. General public make Spinning Chopsticks mechanisms and recycled materials whirly gigs for the sculpture.



    Zippy Chris talks through health and safety aspects of welding and tools. Lock 7 bike repairs loan us quality bike tools, as does Zippy Chris the invaluable multi – skilled Farm volunteer.

    Build and renewable energies discussion are shared by the public, as they witness the dismantling bikes process, and contribute alongside the demolition area through constructing whirly gigs to be hung on the final Sculpture.

    Bike Frames are arranged and re arranged; how will the Sculpture look effective – and get people thinking about renewable energy?

    Film: Making Wind Power and Dismantling Cycles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph6zO0TYouU