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Stepping Out to celebrate 30 years

The Farm's fundamental aim is to be a place where locals can have fun and learn about food, farming and the wider environment. From derelict yard to thriving community Farm, Hackney City Farm celebrated 30 years in the E2 community.

The exhibition "Stepping Out" at Hackney Museum in May 2015 showed the past, present, and future of this living, changing resource. Maps and a model dip into the history of the site the farm occupies: the corner of Goldsmith's Row and Hackney Road. The surrounding area is captured through photographs, illustrations and memories that show why this place is important to people and how they have transformed it. A timeline charts events in the history of the Farm. It reflects on the volunteers who laid its foundations in the 1980s and shows them digging gardens, building shelters for animals and making activities areas for the community of the future.

Our thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to this ongoing celebration project by giving their time, stories and energy to celebrating 1984-2014. They are a symbol of those in all previous generations who have helped the farm: gardeners, builders, artists, young farmers, weavers, potters, upholsterers and carpenters.

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