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    Intergenerational Project

    Intergenerational at Hackney City Farm

    Intergenerational projects bring older and younger people together, building relationships and understanding between those who live and learn in the same community – but may not have opportunity to get together.

    Activities support sharing skills, memories and ideas between the different generations. The rich environment of Hackney City Farm and the E2 area informs project theme, and links to outcomes in the National Curriculum 2014, Key Stages 1-3 : History, Literacy, PSHE and Geography.


    Find out more about our 2013 project

    How we Used to Work –Forgotten Trades of E2


    So nice to meet polite children. I think they learnt something and it probably sunk in, one said she got £10 pocket money – I didn’t get that in a weekly wage packet when I worked making children’s clothes, even with changes in value today!” Sylvia, older participant

    I particularly loved the schools sessions, experiencing the exchange between the participants and school students was brilliant. People are so generous with their personal stories” Rebecca, artist/project worker


    Made in Hackney – what were the factory buildings and goods produced in the E2? In this 2011 project, children uncovered some of Hackney’s old industries – through evidence in the built environment and older peoples’ work reminiscences Spring into Summer 2010- unwrapping uses of plants –past and present, we designed images showing the value of plants and created hand made clay tiles, fired in the Farm kiln

    Intergenerational work gives me an insight – it boosts me up….it gives me an energy to carry on” Jim, older participant, The Sundial Centre

     the elderly have the most knowledge from the past” Ahmed, young person St Paul’s with St Michael’s School



    Family Favourites– what role does family have for younger and older in today’s changing society, 2012? Cyanotype processing of family photos onto cloth was made into bunting, depicting our intergenerational group and their families

    The children benefited greatly from the project, in particular, the exchanging of wisdom, knowledge and expertise between generations” Simone Bunbury, class teacher, St Michael’s with St Paul’s School

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children E2 – visualising the past, drawing the present and imagining the future for this iconic local landmark: we recorded the building –just prior to demolition, 2014, through sketches and the memories of ex hospital users & staff


    Enquires welcome from local groups wanting to join our project work – contact farm@hackneycityfarm.co.uk